The Resourcing Hub Operations Manager (RHOM)’s primary role is to provide direct operational support to St Paul’s Slough and manage the Resourcing Hub to meet the project’s goals. Secondly, it is to establish the frameworks and processes to enable St Paul’s to deliver intercultural mission and ministry in the Deanery and across the wider Diocese.


B. RESPONSIBLE TO: The Incumbent of St Paul’s Slough



  • The Incumbent of St Paul’s Slough
  • Associate Minister
  • Church Wardens and Treasurer
  • Church Administrator
  • CAP Debt Centre Manager
  • Local Management Team (LMT)
  • Ministry and Operations Team
  • The PCC at St Paul’s Slough
  • The clergy of Intercultural Worshipping Communities across the Diocese of Oxford
  • Proposed Diocesan Forum for ethnic Anglicans
  • Diocesan BAME Development Enabler
  • New Congregations Board
  • Resourcing Hub Board


The key responsibilities of this position include:


  1. Providing direct operational support to St Paul’s and managing the Diocese of Oxford intercultural Resourcing Hub to meet the project’s goals.
  • Support the Parish Administrator in the operations of St Paul’s to enable the development of St Paul’s as a Resourcing Hub
  • Anchor the onward planning, launch and execution, monitoring, and control of the project.
  • Assist in turning the vision of the project into reality by effecting operational measures.
  • Operate all ICT including ‘project’ aspects of website and social media presence, leading on publications and brochures for church services, courses and events, posters and organising live streaming of services, training, webinars, etc.
  • Communicating project milestones, including originating activity reports for all levels of project management and oversight.
  • Working to ensure project sustainability beyond the funding period.

    • Ensure that the operational aspects of pastorates, language fellowships, and the worshipping communities are covered, run smoothly, and create a friendly and welcoming environment.
    • Help build up clear communication across pastorates, fellowships, and the worshipping community with other office-based admin staff support.
  1. Establishing and managing the frameworks and processes to enable St Paul’s deliver intercultural mission and ministry in the Deanery and across the wider Diocese
  • Assist in building capacity and resources to share the experience of effective intercultural mission and ministry with other churches.
  • Provide operational support to parishes seeking to establish active links across the Diocese for mutual learning, paying particular attention to bridging the gap between rural and urban intercultural worshipping communities.
  • In partnership with the Associate Minister and Incumbent, develop training programmes within the Hub, Deanery, and Diocese that develop and embed good quality intercultural skills and training into all forms of formation and learning within the Diocese.
  • Provide operational management to the Intercultural Greenhouse and Oxford Intercultural Support Network


It is proposed that the timeshare on responsibilities will typically average as follows:

  1. 60% Operations and project management of St Paul’s Slough and overseeing the planning, management, monitoring, and reporting related to the intercultural Resourcing Hub.
  2. 40% Establishing and managing the frameworks and processes to enable St Paul’s to deliver intercultural mission and ministry in the Deanery and across the wider Diocese.


The ideal person would be one with a strong passion for intercultural mission and ministry; eager to share God’s Word with God’s people of diverse cultural, ethnic, geographic, and religious heritages and who has the following qualities and experience:




Personal attributes

·      Ability to multitask and prioritise.

·      Ability to see how this role fits into the bigger picture of intercultural ministry and mission of the Diocese.

·      Able to facilitate conversations with and between diverse cultural and ethnic groups.

·      Able to work well with a broad and diverse range of people and contexts.

·      The ability for collaboration, networking and influencing of individuals and churches.

·      Passion for intercultural mission and ministry.

·      Understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity.



Specific Project Management Skills

·      Budget management

·      Interpersonal skills

·      Organisational skills

·      Reporting skills

·      Research skills

·      Risk management

·      Time management

·      Team working skills

·      Conflict management

·      Motivation

·      Negotiation

·      Policy knowledge

·      Technical writing

·      Fundraising

·      Research



General Skills & Competencies

·      Active listening

·      Adaptability

·      Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·      Excellent IT skills, including website and social media

·      Knowledge of ‘Unconscious bias.’

·      Problem-solving

·      Understanding of safeguarding or a willingness to learn by attending a safeguarding course

·      Project management methodologies

·      Training skills



·      Educated to at least A-Level standard or equivalent, e.g., general diploma, or relevant professional skill or qualification.

·      Educated to degree level or equivalent qualification.

·      Formal project management certification.

·      Mission or Theological Training.

Required Experience

·      Involvement in the management of a church project of any kind or size.

·      Active engagement with an intercultural worshipping community.

·      Cross-cultural ministry and mission.

·      A willingness to contribute to and work collaboratively across other leading priorities within Oxford diocese.

·      A commitment to work positively within, the breadth of the Church of England.

·      Experience working collaboratively.

·      Experience and understanding of the Church of England.

·      Understanding of mission and ministry in an interfaith context.

·      Experience of developing and providing training, preferably in a church context.

·      Understanding of world mission



·      Ability to organise personal transport.

·      Flexibility in working patterns.

·      Willingness to be available outside regular working hours, including evenings and weekends.

·      Willingness to be involved in continuing personal and professional development.

·      Own a car and hold a full driving licence.


For more information and to send any expressions of interest along with your CV and photograph, please email the Rt Revd Capt Dr Tim Wambunya. 

Closing date: Saturday 31 July 2021